Locations of participating teams

Registered Teams for 2007

School / Organization Team Name
1. Albany Academy The Rubebusters
2. Argyle Central School A-town All-starrs
3. Argyle Central School Natural Disasters
4. Argyle Central School Rubizzle Fo Shizzle
5. Darrow School A Naught
6. Hawthorne Valley School Autonomous Parasologists
7. Hoosac School Inteli
8. Ichabod Crane Central School The Dream Team
9. Ichabod Crane Central School The Original Antiquarks
10. Ichabod Crane Central School Planck's Constant
11. Maple Avenue Middle School Blue Streaks
12. Maple Avenue Middle School The Innovators
13. New Lebanon Jr/Sr High School Tigers
14. Niskayuna High School Necro-Pholus
15. Niskayuna High School NTECH
16. Niskayuna High School Superstition Industries
17. North Warren Central School Get-A-CHON Gang
18. North Warren Central School The Olympians
19. Northville CSD Falcons
20. Questar III Who?
21. Questar III Drawing a Blank
22. Questar III Team Hasselhoff
23. Schenectady Christian School Umbrellas are Us
24. Schenectady High School The Wilikis
25. Van Antwerp Middle School The V.A. Rain Stoppers
26. WSWHE BOCES Team G Falls
27. WSWHE BOCES Team Reach Far
28. WSWHE BOCES Team North