The Union College 2012
Rube Goldberg Challenge
has been cancelled for this year.

Dear RGC Advisors,

It is with deep regret that we announce that the 2012 RGC Challenge will
not be held this spring at Union College.  We have had a great run of
nearly 20 years establishing a challenge goal and then watching the
marvelous results of talented students and advisors.  For those of us that
have volunteered our time and efforts each year we truly looked forward to
those spring "RGC Challenge" Saturdays.  For that reason this announcement
is hard to make.

There are several reasons we have concluded we need to do this.  The main
reason is that changes in faculty commitments here at Union have taken
away some of the flexibility we have had to allow us the time needed to
organize the RGC Challenge.  We have delayed posting this message as we
have wrestled with the situation hoping that we could get the challenge
off the ground once again this year, but we have concluded it is not
possible for us to do.  We had hoped that one of our sponsoring partners
would take it over but no one has suggested that that would be possible.

We so much appreciate the efforts that you, the advisors, have made each 
year and you have our admiration and thanks for your role in what has 
been a very successful series.

We wish you all well.

The Union College RGC team, and those of us here at Union: Professors
Almstead, Hedrick, Spallholz and Traver.

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of previous contests at Union College

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Updated 2012/12/16.

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